Emu Preschool

A piece of art by one of our talented Emu students

A piece of art by one of our talented Emu students

The Emu Room at Carinya is the preschool room catering for children aged 4-5 that are going to ‘big school’ the following year.  We have a strong focus on equipping children with the skills necessary for a smooth and successful transition into big school.  We carry out numerous fun, exciting and challenging projects during the year linked to individual, as well as group, interests.

We acknowedge the importance of reading to children from an early age and understand our role as educators to provide text rich environments.  Everyday literacy opportunities are provided throughout our programme.  Recently we have begun a ‘pen pal’ project which intergrates  many different aspects of the Early Years Learning Framework (our curriculum) including respect for other cultures as well as our own and development of language and literacy skills.

We encourage parent and family involvement in all areas of our classroom life.  One way we do this is through our weekend book which helps parents communicate with staff interesting and relevant events that have been happening in their children’s lives and is an excellent tool for guiding our planning. We welcome you to come in and have a chat and check out our fun and exciting room!

A beautiful card from one of our Emu families